The popularity of roof trusses and attic trusses is in part due to their compatibility with many construction methods, including timber frame, masonry and steel frame. Due to our strict design and fabrication standards we can guarantee that our roof truss products are engineered to a consistently high quality.

Ranging from simple garages through to complex building structures, roof trusses can be designed to work in most situations. Working from design conception with your architect, through to manufacturing and delivering trusses to site clearly marked, all contributes to making a buyers job as simple as possible.

Roof truss products can meet many of the environmental sceptics as timber is still the only truly renewable building resource. Timber construction also benefits from higher thermal efficiency than alternate materials such as aluminium, steel or concrete.

Benefits of Roof trusses

  • Compatibility with many construction methods
  • Economic, flexible and fast solution
  • Fully engineered structure
  • Practical and versatile roofing solution
  • Cost effective and speedy
  • Considerable material savings often using 40% less timber